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The Latin name – Concretum – has become synonymous throughout history with strength and durability.

Ancient traces of the tough and durable material known as concrete date back 7 000 years and have been discovered in some of the most famous buildings from the Roman Empire.  Yet, despite this early evidence, somehow the art of making concrete was lost.  It wasn’t until the 17th century that concrete was rediscovered and once more became one of the most common construction materials of all times.

Today at World of Decorative Concrete (WODC) we are continuing with utilising the strength and durability of this great and versatile product.  WODC specialises in decorative concrete, transforming the ordinary into luxurious – from grey into beautiful, durable and timeless products.

WODC manufactures a large range of Ground and Polished Concrete products: from floors, countertops, tiles, overalys, wall claddings and furniture to exquisite architectural designed items.

The marketplace is already familiar with Stucco Italiano, one of our companies with an enviable reputation for the quality and unique appearance of its product.

On a daily basis we collaborate with some of South Africa’s greatest and talented architects – a venture that results in the manufacturing of phenomenal custom-made Ground and Polished Concrete products to please the most exquisite taste of these connoisseurs of style and design.

A proud achievement for WODC is the spectacularly successful grinding and polishing project of 63 000 m² concrete flooring and the manufacturing of all the hard landscape items at the Moses Mabhida 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadium in Durban.  The stadium instantly became a virtual icon for Ground and Polished Concrete floors in its own right.

With the unrivalled experience gained with such a large project, WODC can confidently state that we have the expertise and capacity to successfully undertake grinding and polishing projects exceeding 100 000 m².

Yours in ‘Concrete with Soul’

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Thanks for doing a beautiful job again.
Jules Comley
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